Easily create a full-featured affiliate program for your business in minutes.

Running a business is hard. Managing sales & marketing can be tricky.

Most sales managers already know their fanatic supporters are a rich opportunity to increase revenue, but don’t know of any hands-off solutions that will skyrocket ? them into new audiences and business opportunities.

Marketing managers are trying to avoid entering data into an endless configuration files, and sinking a bunch of days into setting the toggle switches and text boxes just right… They want something that manages itself; something that just works.

If ‘word of mouth’ isn’t the holy grail of referrals, it’s certainly close

We’re big supporters of adding an affiliate program to your business, to let your best customers and biggest fans sell your wares on your behalf.

Imagine if your adoring fans were able to send you sales each month for a modest fee, without taking up a bunch of time managing things?

Imagine if you had 1,000, or 5,000, or 50,000 of those fans promoting your product, generating enough sales to double your monthly revenue.

Imagine you could pay any or all of them with a click.

That’s what we’re doing with Affiliate Magic.

Rather than sell you on our (awesome) software, we’re focused on you driving the most sales possible out of your current business.

Every day we tirelessly ingest the latest content we can get our hands on, and distilled the best (and sneakiest) tips, tricks, and tactics we see other businesses using to help you maximize your business.

You, too, can learn the secrets to kill shot marketing, picked up from the industry’s best snipers, working from in the trenches of the beast.

Join hundreds of others and receive the latest tricks people are using to grow their business through an affiliate program.